Luxury YachtsAll our yachts are luxuries and specially designed for the best customer experience. We have the best luxury cabins in Yacht.PackagesPackages

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35ft yacht cruise

35ft Boat

10 People

44ft yacht rental dubai

44ft Yacht

15 People

50ft yacht rental dubai

50ft Yacht

20 People

56ft yacht hire in dubai marina

56ft Yacht

25 People

65ft yacht hire dubai

65ft Yacht

28 People

50ft yacht rental dubai

68ft Yacht

33 People

70ft yacht tour duabi

70ft Yacht

30 People

80ft paradise (2)

80ft Yacht

37 People


85ft Yacht

50 People

95ft yacht

95ft Yacht

65 People

80ft paradise (2)

80ft Yacht

37 People


85ft Yacht

50 People



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Looking for great fun and would like to see the panoramic views of Dubai from the well-architecture and spacious yacht? Let us help you to plan your perfect day or evening with our luxurious yachts for a never had before rides ever.

With us, enjoy cruising and create happy life long memories you will cherish always. We are the most popular choice when it comes to boat hire for any function, event and for a perfect chilling time and often booked by the numerous people from all over the world. We can accommodate any kind of groups, no matter how small or big they are and offer iconic landscape by keeping things warm, friendly and authentic. Our yacht is perfect, spacious and well-designed for a perfect chill-out and escaping the dance floor later on in the evening.Out yachts’ airy windows will guarantee you the best views, fresh air and offer plenty of light to enjoy to the fullest.

Unable to plan something the best? Well, we are here to give you the best suggestions to help you attain something spectacular and out of the ordinary without hiking your budget. We have an extensive list of packages to help you plan the perfect party to suit your vision and budget as well as specialized in making bespoke packages to help you to meet your overall requirements without any fail.

When it comes to the party, book us as there’s nothing we love more than planning a party. For the same, we ensure to offer everything from high-quality entertainment facilities to catering, and decor will ensure your party is as unique as you are.

Looking to hire a boat? Discuss your ideas, or email us and we will call you at a convenient time to give you complete details.

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80ft paradise (2)

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All our crews are well experienced and well trained in hospitality. This will give you an amazing experience in your sails.

Yacht Charter Dubai

We have excellent customer service. All our customers are well treated. This will give you a wonderful experience.

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Do you wish to organize a very productive corporate outing for discussion amongst team mates? Dubai Yachts is the answer!

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The experience of a private yacht wedding charter is special in so many ways. There is the unique venue of a private yacht for you and your guests. And there is the excellent service of an experienced captain and crew that make you feel extra special on your special day. Book yacht from Nanje yacht for your special day.