Marine services are responsible for performing emergency repairs, periodic maintenance, or complete overhauls on boats and ships. Oceangoing vessels require marine services while underway, at the pier side, and during periods of reduced operating status (such as between charters or shipping seasons).  Most oceangoing vessels require trips to special drydock facilities at regular intervals in order […]

  Enjoy an Immense Fishing Trip Dubai Going on a deep-sea fishing trip in Dubai is an experience like no other—you’ll get to see breathtaking, seldom-seen places and fish for exotic species that you may have never seen before. All of the yachts offer luxurious, comfortable environments and the best fishing equipment to ensure that you […]

Best Yacht Rental in Dubai If you’re looking for an unforgettable yacht rental experience, Dubai is the perfect place for you. With its world-famous skyline and abundance of a luxury yacht in Dubai rental services, it’s the perfect destination for a seaside getaway. Yacht Rental Dubai Marina is one of the best places to look for a yacht […]

Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea are nearby, it is a fishing enthusiast’s Paradise With the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea nearby, it is a fishing enthusiast’s paradise. In Dubai, you can go on a fishing trip with world-class fishing boats. We will highlight the major fishing locations you can visit and the rules […]